The Evergreen Psychotherapy Center

The Evergreen Psychotherapy Center

We regularly teach one and two-day workshops typically sponsored by mental health associations, child-welfare agencies, universities, hospitals or professional educational services. Contact us for more information about how to bring Dr. Levy to your area.

Here is a look at some of the issues addressed during a typical seminar:


  • 6 Core concepts of child development
  • 8 Vital functions of secure attachment
  • 6 Basic principles of our treatment philosophy and theory of change


Of Children:

  • 6 symptom categories
  • Traumatized brain
  • Emotions, core beliefs
  • Attachments patterns

Of Parents

  • Awareness of emotional “triggers” – life script
  • Co-parenting and marital relationships
  • Parenting attitudes and competencies

Family System

  • Structure
  • Ongoing patterns (“family dance”)
  • Support systems
  • Stressors and stress management
  • Rules, roles, and boundaries


Focus of Interventions

  • Child
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Family and community systems


  • Experiential
  • Cognitive and emotional
  • Neurobiological
  • Skill-based interventions

Structure of the Healing Process

  • 3-step treatment process – revisit, revise, revitalize
  • 30-hour Intensive Psychotherapy program
  • Creating secure attachments
  • Utilizing structure, attunement, empathy, positive affects, support, reciprocity, nurturance, and the emotional and biological cues of attachment

Therapeutic Methods

  • First-year attachment cycle
  • LAP – Limbic Activation Process
  • Inner child metaphor
  • Psychodramatic training
  • Anger management training
  • 10 Ways to manage resistance
  • ACT: Attachment Communication Training
  • Family system interventions


  • Mindful parenting
  • 10 C’s of loving leadership
  • 4 aspects of providing a secure base
  • Reinterpreting of child’s behavior
  • Autonomy circle: facilitating 4 competencies: knowledge, skills, judgement, and self-control
  • 3 Steps to remaining calm and composed
  • 5 Rituals to enhance the sense of belonging
  • Reducing sibling conflicts
  • Creating a healing environment

“Terry and Michael are wonderfully engaging and dynamic speakers who use both skill and experience to teach therapists and help clients heal after trauma. Watching these master therapists in person is amazing. They possess a skill set that takes a gentle approach with clients and can be used by therapists right out of the box. Attendees of their workshop won’t be disappointed. I learned many useful skills and recommend this training to all clinicians.” – Lisa Thomas, past president, CAMFT

More praise for Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans’ training:

“Thank you to everyone who set up this conference. The speakers were outstanding. They gave concrete, specific suggestions. Their videos were the best I have seen at a conference. Thank you, speakers, for sharing your excellent work and your passion.”

“Thank you. Today was¬†very¬†informative and helpful.”

“Speakers were very, very approachable and entertaining. Great choice.”

“This training was very eye-opening on several levels.”

“I just wanted to thank you both so much for the incredible training you provided in Portland regarding dealing with traumatized kids in the foster care system. It really helped our foster daughter and me turn the corner. The last three months she has been in our care have been a joy — whereas the first three months prior to your training were extremely difficult. I would recommend your training for any foster parents and caseworkers who would like to see better outcomes for kids in state care. It certainly helped our foster daughter. It helped me and my wife. It gave us skills to help her, and it probably kept us from becoming burned-out and dropping out of the foster-parent system. I’m also pleased to report that she will be reunited with her father tomorrow. We are very proud of the therapeutic work we all accomplished during her six-month stay in our home. I am copying the director of the Department of Human Services and our case manager in the hopes that they will consider bringing [your] training to other first-time foster parents. — Oregon State Sen. Chip Shields