Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Trust and Love


Learn to change the dynamics in the relationship with your child through the development of secure attachments. Healing Parents gives parents and/or caregivers the information, tools, support, self-awareness and hope they need to help a wounded child heal emotional wounds and improve behaviorally, socially, and morally. This book is a toolbox filled with practical strategies and research that will help parents and/or caregivers understand their child, learn to respond in a constructive way and create a healthy environment.



Table of Contents

Attachment: The Core
Know Your Child
Know Yourself
Corrective Attachment Parenting: Basic Principles
Corrective Attachment Parenting: Skills & Solutions
Attachment and the Adoptive Family
Attachment and Foster Care

Healing Parents is a must-read for anyone who’s parenting a child with great hurt in their heart. Levy and Orlans take their many years experience performing miracle work with traumatized children and condense it into an easy-to-read book full of practical and hopeful solutions. With the techniques outlined in Healing Parents, we’re given a clear roadmap for helping these children learn to love and be loved. — Charles Fay, Ph.D., president of LoveandLogic.com


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