Our Treatment

We are leaders in helping children, adults and families with trauma and attachment problems


Adult/Couples Therapy

Although there are many similarities in the human experience, we all have unique qualities and problems. You are an important part of the treatment team. We develop a customized program to meet an individual’s needs through an ongoing blend of assessments and interventions. The primary goal of treatment is positive change — new choices, perspectives, options, behaviors, coping strategies and relationships. We explore areas such as anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills and improved self-image.


Family Therapy

Parents often report to us that traditional psychotherapeutic approaches have not been effective with their severely attachment-disordered children because of their lack of trust and inability to form a working alliance basic to success in therapy. Family-systems principles provide the foundation for Corrective Attachment Therapy. The family-systems approach focuses on assessing and changing relationship patterns.


Outpatient Therapy

For more than 30 years, our practice has provided outpatient therapy to the people of Evergreen, Colo., and surrounding Colorado communities. Our team offers outpatient therapy in individual and group settings. Our services help adults, couples, children and families.

We are experts in treating substance abuse, trauma, school issues, parenting, problem solving, anxiety, depression, family issues — especially blended families, stress management.


Intensive Outpatient Program

Terry Levy and Michael Orlans originally developed this treatment format to provide help for children and families needing specialized services unavailable where they live. For more than 20 years, families and couples have traveled to Evergreen from every region of the United States and from other countries to receive therapy for attachment-related trauma.


Professional Training

Our training programs aim to help professionals learn concepts and develop skills that facilitate positive change in their clients. Training covers effective assessment and therapeutic techniques for children, families, adults and couples and is based on the latest research in neurobiology, trauma, attachment therapy and resilience.


News & Views

Why talk about trauma?

Many parents and mental health professionals avoid talking with children about their prior traumas, fearing that such discussions will cause more pain and reinforce the trauma. Conversely, when children share their stories within a context of attunement, support, and safety, while developing a coherent and sensible narrative, they can face their fears and pain, and […]

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A parent’s perspective of attachment therapy

We are always pleased to share the successes of our previous clients. We do so to help others  understand there is hope — and that we at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center stand ready to help. This is what one parent, whose family underwent  intensive therapy here at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, recounted about the experience:

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