Evergreen Psychotherapy is proud to announce our ground-breaking methods of Corrective  Attachment Therapy  has been added to the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare.

Corrective Attachment Therapy is “an intensive outpatient program that consists of 30 hours of therapy (3 hours per day for 10 consecutive business days). A team of 2 to 5 therapists work with each family. The program is holistic and integrative relying on a variety of experiential and didactic components.”

The target population is children aged 0-21 who have been adopted from foster care or foreign orphanages, or biological children who have failed to develop secure attachments.

The overall goals are to facilitate secure attachment in the parent-child relationship, enhance secure attachments, reduce negative relationship patterns in family relationships, teach parents specific parenting skills and attitudes effective with this population and address parents’ historical and current issues that may be unresolved, thereby preventing healthy family functioning.

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