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Please read all instructions and review our fee schedules and terms before beginning the application process. Please contact us with questions.

1. Complete required forms.

2. If applicable, have your current therapist complete this form:

3. Send all forms to us.

We receive all forms online, by fax and by postal mail service.

  • Our fax number is (303) 674-4078
  • Our postal address is: Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, PLLC, 32065 Castle Court, Suite 325, Evergreen, CO 80439

4. Give us consent to begin the application process.

Print this consent form, and mail it to us at the address listed above along with a $250 application fee.

Please note:

  • This application fee is applied toward treatment if the applicant(s) is/are accepted into our program.
  • We accept check, Visa or MasterCard. To pay the application fee with a credit card, please make sure you have completed the credit card information listed at the bottom of the consent form.

Upcoming Seminars

Dr. Terry Levy travels the world to deliver professional training and instruction for general audiences. Here’s where to find him next. Visit our calendar for full details:

September 25
Appleton, WI

September 26
Madison, WI

September 27
Brookfield, WI

November 13
Ft. Collins, CO

November 14
Aurora, CO

November 15
Colorado Springs, CO

December 16
Wichita, KS

December 17
Topeka, KS

December 18
Overland Park, KS

Visit our calendar for more details.

What is attachment?

It is the deep and enduring connection established between a child and caregiver in the first several years of life. However, more and more children are failing to develop secure attachments to loving, protective caregivers. These children are left without the most important foundation for healthy development and are at risk for:
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of self-control
  • antisocial attitudes and behaviors
  • aggression and violence
  • lack of empathy, compassion and remorse
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Recommended reading

These books and journal articles explain the most important aspects of attachment in adults and children, child maltreatment, treatment approaches, parenting and related social issues.