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Why attachment in infancy is critically important

Attachment is the deep and enduring relationship established between a child and caregiver in the first several years of life, starting in the womb. It profoundly influences every aspect of the human condition — mind, body, emotions, relationships and morality. Attachment is not something parents do to their children; rather, it is something children and […]

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Attachment and mindset in children

By the time babies reach their first birthday, they have rudimentary “internal working models” of their attachment relationships, based on their experience of caregiving. The internal working model includes perceptions about self and expectations of the attachment figure(s). These mindsets, perceptions and expectations are encoded in the child’s implicit memory in the Limbic region of […]

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Disrupted attachment paves way for future problems

Children who begin their lives with compromised and disrupted attachment (associated with prenatal drug and alcohol exposure, neglect of physical and emotional needs, abuse, violence, multiple caregivers) are at risk of serious problems as development unfolds, including: • low self-esteem • being needy, clingy, or psuedoindependent • decompensating when faced with stress and adversity • […]

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