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Attachment impacts brain development

Research suggests that attachment at sensitive periods in a child’s development plays a critical role in brain and psychosocial development, including IQ development. That’s according to The Bucharest Early Intervention Project, who “studied the effects of neglect on children living in Romanian orphanages.  They wanted to see if they would do better if removed from the […]

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Controlling parenting impacts kids’ future relationships

A new study suggests that teenagers whose parents have tight psychological control on them have a hard time developing close relationships later in life. The study was led by University of Virginia Psychology Professor Joseph Allen and Dr. Barbara Oudekerk, a post-doctoral student and a statistician at the Department of Justice Statistics. The study published […]

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Intervention can help depressed teens

We always encourage parents to have regular conversations with their teen children to create secure bonding, but new research suggests that talking with depressed teens about how things can get better can help them cope better with their circumstances. David Yeager, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, wanted to find […]

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