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Intervention can help depressed teens

We always encourage parents to have regular conversations with their teen children to create secure bonding, but new research suggests that talking with depressed teens about how things can get better can help them cope better with their circumstances. David Yeager, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, wanted to find […]

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Communication styles can affect kids’ weight loss

We at Evergreen know the benefits of parents being more involved in their children’s lives, but one new study suggests that how parents talk to their children about weight loss and weight gain affects how much the children lose. “The study  at Brown University divided adolescents into two groups, with one group containing parents who […]

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Talk to teens about depression and suicide

September is Suicide Prevention Month and perhaps if you’ve been observing your teen exhibiting signs of depression, you may not know how to have that conversation. But there’s some things to consider before you sit down for that talk. First consider the warning signs. From Signs and symptoms of depression in teens Sadness or hopelessness […]

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